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Photo I am passionate about communication, whether it is teaching English or Spanish, writing about culture and film, or broadcasting my voice through the cosmic airwaves. Communication is one of the most fundamental tools of mankind. My goal is to work as the middleman between the message and the audience, easing the comunicative process to empower the audience.
5 years of experience as a radio announcer
Language Coaching
7 years of experience coaching English and Spanish learners.
Write in your own language and let me take care of the translation. I can perform written translations from Spanish into English and viceversa. Simultaneous interpretation can also be provided.
Currently working at Dayton International School, located in Dayton, OH.
Voice Artist
I am a versatile and well-trained voice artist with more than 4 years of voice-over, holding, and commercial radio host experience. I am fluent in Spanish and in English and I have the ability to deliver with or without various authentic        Mexican and American regional accents.
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I started my radio career volunteering at Ciut 89.5FM in Toronto Canada during the summer of 2008. Started helping out with the setting of our remote broadcasts, and after a couple of them I was suddenly handed a microphone by Program Director Ken Stowar and had my first go at radio broadcasting.

When I returned to my hometown in Monterrey, Mexico I started working at Classic 106.9FM and rediscovered my passion for communication. There I realized the importance and responsibility of being a mass communicator, and the endless possibilities that lie behind a microphone.

I decided to use my voice to provide an analytical point of view on film and music- two of the most powerful and life-changing artistic and cultural reflections.

Keep it locked and enjoy the ride!

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